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We Use Science-Based Nutrition To Help You Sustainably Lose Weight Without Cutting Out The Foods You Love Or 'Dieting'

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We Believe In Sustainable Weight Loss Through Nutrition


We are firm believers in an 80/20 balance. Eat and enjoy your favourite 'soul-foods' 20% of the time and nourish your body with healthy whole foods 80% of the time. 

Continual Learning

Whilst our products and services will help you to achieve your desired health and weight loss goals, we also encourage you to learn along the way! This is why we walk you through everything we're doing for you and why.

Goal Oriented

Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain or weight maintainance, we work tirelessly to help you smash your health goals out of the ball park.


You're NOT in this health journey alone. Join our supportive community full of hundreds of people that are eager to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

W H A T ' S   S O   S P E C I A L   A B O U T   U S ?

We're a little bit different...

Unlike most other weight loss and nutrition companies out there, we aren't interested in maximising results in the short term (at the expense of long term sustainability).

We've never spoken to anyone who emphatically loves dieting, which is why we're ANTI-DIETS.

Instead, we focus on sustainable weight loss results that are easily maintainable in the long run. For some, sustainability may look like 0.3kgs per week, and for others, it may be 2kgs a week.

Sure, we could probably help you to lose 10kgs in a month, but we've seen time and time again that this can be detrimental to your health, and you'll most likely end up putting the weight back on within a matter of months.

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Our Main Services

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Weight Loss Programs

We offer a variety of sustainable weight loss programs, including our signature 6 Week Program. Each of our programs include completely personalised meal plans, coaching and much more.

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Virtual Consultations

We offer online eLearning courses that will teach you the vital skills required to live a healthier life, lose weight sustainably, boost your energy, improve your sleep and feel amazing. Check them out!

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Online Courses

Meet with a qualified nutritionist over Zoom for a consultation. These are great if you want to discuss things such as weight loss, weight gain, IBS, muscle gain, meal planning, food intolerances, bloating and more.

W H A T ' S   O U R   S E C R E T ?

We use science based nutrition.

Fad diets come and go like the wind, and it seems that there's a new 'diet' every single year.

Whilst some of these diets make huge promises (e.g. lose 10kgs in a month by cutting out this one food group), more often than not, they're ridiculously unsustainable. They may work for some people, but most definitely do not work in the long run for most.

Everyone's bodies are so different, and there's no, 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to weight loss and health.

This is why all of our meal plans and weight loss regimens are different for every. single. person...

And each meal plans is written by a university qualified nutritionist!

KJ Wellness Delivers Results

The following statistics are based on the customer feedback forms we send out after the completion of our nutrition and weight loss programs, as well as our future follow ups.


Clients Who Saw Results Within 30 Days 


Clients Who Were Satisfied


Total kgs Lost By Our Clients


Clients Who Kept Off The Weight For 6+ Months 

Client Results & Testimonials

Below are just a few of the realistic results achieved by some of the clients who completed one of our nutrition and weight loss programs. These results are not only realistic, but very achievable with our programs.

"I completed the 6-Week Program. My mindless snacking stopped and I felt full and satisfied after every meal. I enjoyed dessert every day (my favourite being ice cream lol), and I still saw amazing results. I also noticed that my sleep quality and overall energy improved. I cannot recommend the 6-Week Program enough."

M A R K 

"I feel amazing! I no longer overeat and I am enjoying all foods in moderation. I have never felt this confident and comfortable around food. I highly recommend the 6 Week Program. In fact, I loved it so much that I just bought the 12 Week Program woohoo."

A L I C I A 

"Being vegan, I really struggled to get enough protein in my diet. I was lacking motivation and inspiration in my meals. After completing the KJ Wellness 6 Week Program, I am feeling stronger and more energised. I enjoy the food I am eating and I feel inspired every day to continue to create delicious and tasty meals."

C H R I S 

Nikki completed the KJ Wellness 6 Week Program.

N I K K I 

"I'm super happy with my results from the 6 Week Program. I would recommend the 6 Week Program to everyone who wants to learn more about a healthy balanced diet and/ or lose weight. This program is very educational, and I loved it!"


"I just finished up with the 3 Week Program and couldn't have had a better experience. Mikaela and her team made the whole process amazing! I achieved amazing results, and I learnt so so much within just 3 short weeks. The online learning course included with the program also exceeded my expectations in every way."


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