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To book your free 30-minute consultation, please follow the steps below:

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  4. When prompted, please enter any information that will help us to better prepare for the consultation e.g. your primary health goals, how much weight you want to lose, any food intolerances you may have, any relevant health conditions etc. *The more information you provide us with here, the better we'll be able to prepare for the consultation and tailor a solution to you*

  5. Then click 'Schedule Event'

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If you have any trouble when booking or trying to enter the Zoom meeting, please send an email to ''.

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Client Results & Testimonials

Below are just a few of the realistic results achieved by some of the clients who completed one of our nutrition and weight loss programs. These results are not only realistic, but very achievable with our programs.

"I completed the 6-Week Program. My mindless snacking stopped and I felt full and satisfied after every meal. I enjoyed dessert every day (my favourite being ice cream lol), and I still saw amazing results. I also noticed that my sleep quality and overall energy improved. I cannot recommend the 6-Week Program enough."

M A R K 

"I feel amazing! I no longer overeat and I am enjoying all foods in moderation. I have never felt this confident and comfortable around food. I highly recommend the 6 Week Program. In fact, I loved it so much that I just bought the 12 Week Program woohoo."

A L I C I A 

"Being vegan, I really struggled to get enough protein in my diet. I was lacking motivation and inspiration in my meals. After completing the KJ Wellness 6 Week Program, I am feeling stronger and more energised. I enjoy the food I am eating and I feel inspired every day to continue to create delicious and tasty meals."

C H R I S 

Nikki completed the KJ Wellness 6 Week Program.

N I K K I 

"I'm super happy with my results from the 6 Week Program. I would recommend the 6 Week Program to everyone who wants to learn more about a healthy balanced diet and/ or lose weight. This program is very educational, and I loved it!"


"I just finished up with the 3 Week Program and couldn't have had a better experience. Mikaela and her team made the whole process amazing! I achieved amazing results, and I learnt so so much within just 3 short weeks. The online learning course included with the program also exceeded my expectations in every way."


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